Some carriers have their own websites that allow me to learn about their products and some allow me to submit business online - why do I need CommissionBuilder?
At CommissionBuilder, we know that insurance professionals are always looking for better ways to serve their clients and to make sure that they get the right products and services that meet their client's unique needs.
In the past, agents had to go through stacks of carrier marketing information and rates sheets or to visit each carrier's website to try and get the information they needed to evaluate the products on behalf of their clients.
With CommissionBuilder, you go to one website, enter some basic information about your client, and in a matter of seconds you have a complete listing of all products that may meet their needs. You can then refine your search to focus in on what's important to your client - maybe it's cost of monthly premium, deductible amount or whether it includes maternity coverage.
Produce side-by-side comparisons in a matter of seconds that you can print, email or fax to your client.
In addition, you have all of that carrier's detailed product information and brochures in electronic form that you can review, print or email to your client.
But quoting is just the beginning! Once you have determined which product is right for your client you can then submit the business online. CommissionBuilder is the place where you can manage all of your individual health business.
I am not a computer expert - just how complicated is your website?
At CommissionBuilder we work hard to make sure that the website is very easy to use. Simply put, if you can navigate the web then you can use CommissionBuilder. You don't need special software training to use the site. In fact, once you are signed up you can be up and using the site and enjoying all of its powerful features in a matter of minutes.
If I do need help with the website or information about CommissionBuilder, how can I contact you?
At CommissionBuilder we are here to help! Please contact us through the method that is most convenient for you:
  • Telephone - call us at 913-220-2630.
  • Email - send your message to
  • Contact form - click here to be taken to our contact form.
Who has the ability to view my information?
At CommissionBuilder, we take security very seriously. Access to the site is restricted through password protected access where all of your information is maintained. In addition, we do not sell, rent or give away any customer information. The protection of you and your client's information is very important to us!
What insurance carriers are available through the site?
Our carriers page contains a list of our current carriers.
What does it take to set up an account with CommissionBuilder?
We can have you set up and using the site in a matter of minutes. You can click on the Sign Up Today button on our main page or give us a call and we'll be happy to set you up over the phone -- 913-220-2630.
What if there are multiple agents in our office? Does each agent need their own account?
Because every account is personalized with each agent's name and their carrier appointment information we recommend that each agent has their own account, but it is ultimately up to you. Some agencies start out with one account, to see how it works, and then set up additional accounts from there.